how to copy copy protected web content

How to Copy Text from a Protected Web Page

Sometimes websites have a security feature in place that protects the text of the website to prevent users from stealing site content. But websites aren’t around forever and sometimes users may want to download the site content as referenced material for future use, in case the site goes down. The text may also be needed if the material in question is being used as a direct quote and is properly cited and sourced. The method to copy protected text described here has the highest rate of success, but there are other ways to copy content from protected web pages

Instructions to copy text :
  1. Navigate to the site you wish to copy text from.
  2. View the source code. The approach to this differs depending on what browser you are using. For Firefox, go to the ‘View’ menu and select “Page Source.” In Internet Explorer, locate the “Page” menu and select “View Source” from the menu. If you are using Google Chrome, right-click on the page and select “View Page Source.”
  3. Within the page source, look for the <body> </body> tags. The majority of the site content should be within these two tags.
  4. Copy and paste the content into a word processing program such as Wordpad or Microsoft Word. You may need to clean up some HTML formatting that may be in the text, such as <p>, <u>, <bold>, and other similar tags. Simply delete these from the text.
  5. Title and save the document on your computer. File the document away in an appropriate folder for future reference.

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